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APRP Department objectives and definition


Definition and objectives of the preventive activity of hazards psychosocial of the Dept. of physical chemistry


The recent evaluation of irrigation psychosocial performed at the UA emphasized the need and importance of educate College staff assume a preventive culture and adopt attitudes consistent with her to promote the existence of a suitable working environment.

The measures that must be established shall include:


1 ° A plan that recognizes the contribution of the staff of the Department in the achievement of the goals of the institution, allow:

1.1 Promote the recognition of personal work and contribution to the UA.

1.2 Strengthen the meaning and the importance of the tasks of each job.

1.3. Internal communication of the professional successes of the staff to promote the recognition of human rights.


2 º Measures to promote internal communication channels, with the following objectives:

2.1 To present time sufficient future restructuring, new tasks, technologies, etc. in order to provide the maximum possible information on them.

2.2 Establish communication mechanisms for better information of the staff.

2.3 Establish and maintain channels of communication (ascending, descending, and horizontal) and information for all members of the University community.

2.4 Define procedures that facilitate decision-making, the execution of the tasks, its design and planning.



-Existence of a communication Plan at the Department.

-Existence of procedures for decision-making.



-To promote knowledge and application of procedures for the settlement of conflicts between workers (both personal and business).

-Establish mechanisms of control or surveillance that would prevent situations of risk management.

-Act, using existing legislation, to avoid those behaviors and attitudes that do not comply with the preventive policy of the UA and can lead to situations of risk (physical, psychosocial, etc.)

-To promote the resolution of interpersonal conflicts in the Department

-Promote the equitable treatment between the members of the various working groups.

-To facilitate the environmental and organisational conditions that foster cooperation and assistance between colleagues and superiors.

-Inform the academic authorities of the problematic situations in order to understand their causes and to act to bring about their resolution.



1. Existence of specific communication campaigns in the Department.

2º Statistics relating to the number of times that they have to activate mechanisms of conflict resolution in the Department.

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